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Team Hollywood - Newsletter Dec 6, 2021

With all this talk about building our immune systems during the pandemic and building our resistance to the virus through exposure, I could not help but relate this to the similar opportunity we have in our business to become resistant to negativity and unaffected in the face of rejection. There are so many people that give up just because someone said “no,” instead of recognizing that each rejection is an opportunity for their personality to be able to better deal with hardship. Jeff Krasnow was the owner of my old yoga studio called Wanderlust. He writes the following on this same topic: “Stoicism, a philosophy of personal ethics founded by Zeno of Citium in the 3rd century BC, celebrated the development of resilience through subjection to adversity. Exposure to insult and ridicule built up mental resistance such that, in the face of it, one becomes indifferent – like being exposed to chickenpox while possessing immunity. The ancient Greeks dubbed this quality of character “euthymia,” a state of unflappable positivity that emerges from living calmly and steadily and being undisturbed by fear or offense.” Last night a group of people asked me and Paul about our 33-year marriage and wanted to know what one thing makes it work. I explained that there is no magic bullet. Relationships are hard. They take work. Anything that is worth it will take work…. The same is true for our Isagenix business. Success belongs to those that learn to temper their emotions, lead with their personal beliefs and vision and get to work. And keep working. At some point 1 cycle a week may be enough. But, if it’s not, keep working. You always get to choose. The only way to lose is to quit! Fight on. It’s a very worthy fight. ... ellen

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