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Team Hollywood - Newsletter Apr 18 2022

How can we move from “I hope,” to “I believe,” to “I know”? I always learn so much with every opportunity to launch new leaders. We all begin at the same place: No matter how many years pass, it will always be the same! “I hope.” “I hope it works, I hope this is real, I hope I can.” Moving from hope to believing is a giant step. One of the greatest opportunities we have to succeed is disguised in the offer to connect and show up. When I promote our events, although they are so much fun, I am promoting growth from “I hope”… to “I believe.” It is undeniable to be in a room with hundreds or thousands of people and not realize how powerful and life-changing our wonderful product line really is! Learning about the business success of others, makes everyone realize that if they can, I can, too! It is subtle and it is something that seeps into our unconscious mind, giving us an ability to move mountains. Belief also makes us confident and what makes us confident moves us into action. That is the secret to crushing your business in Isagenix! There is nothing more powerful than belief except for the magical, “I know.” It is a progression of steps. Once you “live” in your “I know,” you will never complain or explain. You will become unstoppable and manifest every desire. I salute everyone and their decision to attend UIA. I am so excited to see everyone in Orlando, too! Just thinking about the upcoming trips to Cabo and Vallarta are keeping me totally lit! Where will you go? How are you showing up? What do you need! We always say that the event needs you, or you need the event! Let’s take our hope and start believing so that we can demonstrate what we know and keep changing lives around the world! ... ellen

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