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Team Hollywood - Newsletter Mar 7, 2022

This week we lost an angel in the world. A young artist that launched her fame on America’s Got Talent. She lived a public battle with cancer for the last 5 years. I am a raving fan. Please see her song at the bottom. Perhaps you have not yet heard it …. I think you will love it! Everyone can relate to the words, especially now. After attending the livestream celebration of her life, I was so moved. Impressed with her dad and so many others, I held onto his words. He said, “You are never done parenting. It just gets a bit different.” THAT made me think of you. I am “mamaElle” to so many of our millennials and a mentor and partner to so many others. I feel the responsibility of a parent to all of you. As you grow as leaders, I may still “parent”, yet it does become different. We become partners and always continue to grow together! Making the decision to go to Celebration in August required a lot of thought for our family. We all had Covid pretty bad, and we did not travel much at all. I have not been on a plane in years, lol. I can’t believe I am writing that! I am so excited to attend our convention and trust that it will be safe to travel and reunite with all of you. I would love to plan a team event, too! Here is my call to action: Watch the video below. Ask yourself, “Am I ready to travel? What arrangements are necessary to make now, so that I can attend this important business event.?" If you are past all the Covid fears and complications you MUST attend. This is a game-changer and absolutely necessary for anyone that wants to have an Isagenix business. If you are already putting in the time to build, there is no excuse not to go. It would not make sense. Get your tix before they sell out. We are capping the event. Get your hotel arrangements now. They will fill up. Decide what is best and necessary for you. Let me know asap, so I can move forward with plans for something special for our team.

Eeeeeeeek! I am getting so excited. ... ellen

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