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Team Hollywood - Newsletter Mar 14,2022

I am reading a new book that I love! Pema is one of my beloved faves.

This book is a compilation of her many books, and each of the 108-page offerings is a universe for thinking :) When I recommend books, I always think about their relevance to your business and your goals. So, please, read on… I woke up with this thought: The degree for us to handle the truth is equal and consistent with our ability to face our fears. The more fear we embrace, the more triggered we become. The ego desperately wants to deny anything that will challenge change. The ego associates change with death. Thus, this book. The only constant is change. We are living in the most uncertain times of our life. For anyone to become successful now, you must compartmentalize your activity, you must face your fears, you must examine your relationship with death. As the Good Book says, “The truth will set you free.” As Shakespeare wrote, “ To thine own self be true.” Look at your motivation. Be courageous to assess your business. Make the changes according to new strategies that will move you closer to the truth and therefore, to your success. And get this book. Then stop by for a tea, a discussion and some inspiration. Love u all! ... ellen

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