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Team Hollywood - Newsletter May 2, 2022

"Sacrifice with purpose leads to fulfillment." As I was journaling today, and still working through the grief I feel from my sweet pup leaving the planet, I came up with this quote. I was remembering the extraordinary sacrifice I made as I took care of Gigi day and night this last year. Never once did I have regret and I was so filled with the intention of healing her through transcendent love and best choices. It was my absolute purpose. It was so clear. And, although it was such a difficult time, including too many sleepless nights, I was truly fulfilled. This weekend was UIA. I was so thrilled that some of our teammates were able to attend. I realize that these leaders had to make tremendous sacrifices to attend this event. Flying in from Mexico, navigating the Covid protocols, leaving kids at home, and even speaking another language …. there were obstacles to consider and overcome in order to attend. They did it! I am inspired by their sacrifice and believe in their desire and commitment to succeed. Every single one of them was was driven by their purpose, which made the sacrifice not only worthy, but ever so rewarding. Regardless of how quickly you get the results you hope for, joy on the journey is most important. The Isagenix journey is one of complete and total transformation …. personal development with a pay plan. Too often the people who leave are not willing to face the music in their own lives. Our teammates were the first to raise their hand, volunteer and break through whatever was holding them back. That is what it takes! I know that in the weeks ahead they will use what has transpired this weekend and apply everything to their business and their life. There will be a quiet understanding, just a bit deeper than before they left for Arizona. A new belief was born, a belief in their ability to succeed in anything they put their mind to and a fulfillment that follows...... It is the same kind of fulfillment you get after a good sweat from working out….it is never easy, but you know why you are doing it and it creates an unshakable faith that it is not a matter of will you win, but just a matter of when ….. This week I hope you can ponder this idea. As yourself: What am I currently sacrificing with my commitment to excellence? What is my purpose for the sacrifice? How does it feel to never let myself down? I promise that this makes all the ‘wall kicking” moments start to show up less. You will be living the course of right action and it will pay off. It did for me. Why not you? Lots of love ... ellen

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