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Team Hollywood - Newsletter June 13 2022

This week's thoughts are about life, business and leadership… So, if that interests you read on! If not, there is an abundant amount of activity here that you can log into your weekly calendar to stay plugged in. The corporate call Tuesday will inspire you and keep you updated, the power hour calls provide you with an interactive classroom, the new summer promo saves your customers money and should allow you to enroll everyone :) and the new marketing tools should brighten up your Instagram feed with some new elegant social shareables! Coming soon to this newsletter will be the European Corner led by Esther and Tommy, currently in Amsterdam, and will help us to unite our global team! I have indulged in many programs and read many books on leadership and personal development throughout my life. However, I was completely unprepared for what this next phase of leadership would require during the pandemic and post. I am referring to all forms of leadership including my family, my business and even leading and inspiring myself. I know that many of you can relate to this and are still finding your way, as am I. I took a seat back during the pandemic and did not want to burden anyone with additional zoom calls. Many of my leaders were very comfortable doing their own thing and that was truly a blessing. I got to focus on just the new folks that I sponsored and was always available to anyone that reached out. Being home from Top Achievers is now allowing me to reflect on the conversations from Cabo that are helping to inform new strategies going forward for our Isagenix business. As I am getting ready to depart for Vallarta next week, excited to see so many of our teammates and friends, I find myself thinking a lot on how I can serve best and make an impact on all of your lives. Like you, some days are tougher than others and I am dealing with what seems like so many crises and so much loss. I have discovered that joy lives in moments, and when you pause to recognize even a few seconds that appear, it somehow makes the rest of the day better. I took a leap of faith last week. I have learned that most people are choosing fear over faith, these days. I will always be faithful due to the strong connection I have to my higher power. It certainly seems to give me a competitive edge and I encourage you to explore that you are "part" of something much bigger and grander than yourself. Are you living from a place of fear? With my faith and positive expectation, I went to work, and I worked hard. We had our first in-person, highly marketed event last week with someone who is a dream to partner with…Dr. Ojen Masrour. More about this doctor, later! I have not created these kinds of evenings in years. There was so much that went through my mind… the end, will it work and will it be worth it? I don’t like to waste any time, as many of you know. It is the most precious thing we have, therefore I live to make each moment count. To my great surprise, the hard work paid off and helped me realize many important things I must share with you! Build it and they will come! There was standing room only! People want to come out and connect. Take your time to teach. It does not pay to rush and “close” everyone. We still ended up with 8 enrollments 3 crystal consultants and a crystal manager, and more are coming in daily. Displays take time to build but they are worth it. You don’t need to pay for monthly QR codes, there are free ones, lol! Tabletop materials serve the meetings, but tasting always trump everything! Shake sampling is the best! Focusing on a few of your faves will work…everyone bought both the collagen packs and the 30 days! We have incredible videos that you can stream in an office setting! Our products are NOT expensive and those that are focused on health, paying doctors for expensive visits recognize that! Everyone wins when they work together. We are pooling so much talent from tech, to doctor wisdom, to graphic artists, and more! This is proof that it takes teamwork to make the dream work. We have saved our whole process to share with you. We now have new and simple brochures, and systems that we can discuss. Our goal is to set up offices all throughout LA. You can do the same in your city, with the right vision, fearlessness, connecting and working daily to build your future. The future is ours if we engage….so if you are up for the challenge and I can make it easier for you, lmk! With Love, ... ellen ❤️❤️❤️

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