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Team Hollywood - Newsletter June 20, 2022

The article I have included here made me think of you. Inflation is worldwide and will affect everyone. We can live with the fear of scarcity and drudgery about the increasing cost of living, and miss the opportunity right here, in our hands. Better yet, we can embrace the opportunity to share Isagenix with the understanding that people, now more than ever, need additional income. Those that are proactive in our ever-changing world will be looking for you! Based on this article, it will be much more difficult to get a mortgage. This could make mortgage brokers and real estate agents open to additional income streams, with the day to day frustrations they are going to be feeling! The rising cost of food makes our inexpensive and delicious shakes a gift to those that want to save money. Furthermore, it’s great to have them in the cupboard for emergency food, whether it’s due to a natural disaster, earthquake, or dental work Seriously, anyone who eats should have the good nutrition that we can offer as we offset the cost of food and help their budget. What about folks in the beauty business? Less people are opting for expensive hair dye, perms and costly facials. Client bases are down all around. People are also having a hard time affording cars. When was the last time you approached a car dealer about our opportunity? Maybe the customer who wants to afford the car will have a strong enough why to embark on earning additional income, too. In a down economy, rich people know how to invest and take advantage of the time. Take advantage of now… serve those in need. When you connect with those that are looking for you, your attitude and posture about Isagenix will change because you will realize the great value that you can provide to others that are hurting. Free the people! Free yourself! It’s time to be bold, untamed and full of positive passion. With Love, ... ellen ❤️❤️❤️

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