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Team Hollywood - Newsletter May 23,2022

What is the difference between an Isagenix Millionaire and an Associate that is struggling? It’s a bit of good news, and bad news, lol! The good news is that it’s a simple shift in thinking. The bad news is that our ego/identity is afraid of change because it views change as death. Therefore, it may be simple, but it is never easy. What is the difference between “trying” and “doing”? This is a trap for so many. Trying feels active, yet it is not. Trying keeps you exactly where you are, and lets you off the hook. The ego is very tricky. It loves for you to think you are moving forward, as long as it does not need to change! In fact, the worst thing about trying is that it keeps you a victim, with the common understanding that you are trying, yet it just isn’t working. “But I am trying……..!!!" Can you relate? Doing is "making things happen.” Success is the result of doing, not trying. You can always “do”, even when you think you “can’t”. Tony Robbins says, “If you can’t, you must.” Tyler Ganus says, “Find a way!” This week I ask all of you …. I can’t because ….. Then, say, "I must because I can’t!" I will because…. Make sure you know your why. If it is not important to you the why will never drive you! When you decide that Isagenix is your number one priority, you will be well on the road to success and massive personal transformation. Your entire world will change. You will never see anything as you did before and you will recognize your freedom of choice. You will celebrate your ability to choose your priorities and your course of action today. Procrastination will strand you on the ship called TRYING There is no time to wait for activity that you “must" create to have the life you “must" have. Sacrifice is necessary when you prioritize doing what you must do right now! Let’s do this together! Find an accountability partner this week and tell them what you are DOING! :) ... ellen

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